Tuesday 6 March 2012

Inspirational Athletes

I'm a sucker for conforming and trying to be like everyone else; I can't help it, I'm just an easily influenced individual who likes having role models. Over my life I've wanted to be Tony Hawk, Hulk Hogan, hell even a Ninja Turtle at one point (that one's quite a while back though). Point is, these guys all shaped me into what I am today. I like having someone to look up to, and in my opinion there's no bigger strongmen to follow than these guys:

Mark Henry
Before he was getting buried in WWE squash matches to The Big Slow... In fact before all his wrestling days, Henry was a super heavyweight lifter grabbing silver in the 1995 Olympics. Not long after that, in 2002, he was an entrant in the first ever Arnold Strongman Classic. 

And he wrecked it. Becoming the second man in history to ever overhead the Apollon's Wheel, he did so with absolute perfect Olympic precision and form. Twice.  Have a look on YouTube for the video, he made it look easy compared to the professional strongman athletes alongside him.

It's a shame he never got into the full swing of things with WSM and further Arnolds, but I guess his WWE schedule is pretty busy. Here's hoping he stops getting stomped by a single punch and wins his second World title soon.

Laurence Shahlaei

Home grown British power, Big Loz is well and truely on his way to becoming WSM some day.

He is hailed as having the strongest legs in the world, and who can dispute this? Undefeated at squat events in WSM 5 years running, world records in the farmers walk and raw deadlift and podium times in his yoke events, he is blindingly good. Keep your eyes peeled, 4th place won't satisfy Loz this year.

Zydrunas Savickas
A man who needs no introduction, 6 time Arnold and 2 time World's Strongest Man, Big Z can easily be thought of as the strongest man to have ever lived. 

Above you can see him breaking the old world record which he also set last year, with an extra 7lbs added on to make it a HUGE1117lb tire deadlift. Losing out only to his relaxed form on this years incredibly strictly (but correctly) judged Arnolds, Big Z is still fighting and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he walks away with WSM this year too.

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